Quality at a cheap price

Moll Paddles - Good Value Quality

What started with the revolution of RIM-paddle production in 1986, being continued with the introduction of new materials and technologies such as Titanal®, GFI-RIM and ATT-Cavity-System and still persists today, is our striving for high quality but good value paddles. Thanks to the continuous development of our range and the introduction of new products, especially demanding recreational paddlers and commercial users will find their desired piece of sports equipment at Moll paddles.

Special attention is paid to:

Solid, durable and long-lasting products
Highest performance, easy handling, physiologically sensible paddles
Optimal price-value-ratio

All these efforts are focused on one single aim: Good Value Quality - for 25 years.

Why Kober & Moll?


Today the brand Kober (since 1886) exists in the fith generaton and is producing high quality paddles, in many different technologies.

Hartmut Moll was founding the brand Moll in 1986. He was developing plastic paddles with until then unknown functionality and lightweight.

Through the fusion of Kober and Moll one of the advanced and competent paddle manufacturer of the world was born.

As tradition and longtime know-how from Kober and a high innovation with modern production processes by Moll came together power and synergies can be used.

Creative head is Hartmut Moll. He optimizes products and technologies for more than 40 years and is still on his way to find out how to produce paddles with more functionality, durability and reliability.

The Kober & Moll Team wishes you all the fun living our common passion and many intense experiences in nature with your Moll paddle!